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Company Background | Our Commitments | Corporate Structure
 Our Commitments
The challenge of succeeding in today's increasingly competitive and sophisticated business environment requires a broad commitment to excellence. VQC not only supplies high quality tools and moulds, but also offers design solutions to the difficult and complex components. VQC provides customers with the flexibility and convenience of complete development, from concept, design through to final production. VQC positions itself as a reliable solution provider, and is capable of doing one-stop shopping package deal. At VQC, our ultimate mission is exemplary service to our clients and business partners.

◎ Quality assurance
At VQC, we provide custom-made parts of the utmost quality and reliability through frequently enhancing design methodologies. In addition, stringent quality control ensures that our final products are processed with the best care and attention. We only provide our best to our customers.

◎ Customer satisfaction
VQC values long-term relationships with our customers and works to build up mutually beneficial partnerships based on trust and integrity. We provide our customers with the most cutting-edge and cost-effective solutions to ensure their competitiveness in the global arena. Designers and engineers consider what customers are looking for and tailor our solutions to meet their needs.

◎ Long-term dedication
Since established in 1979, VQC promises a long-term commitment to our valued customers and partners. We put a lot into making sure that every aspect of VQC operations and services is dependable. Our foresight and unwavering dedication have earned us lasting relationships with our customers and partners, and it is not surprising that more and more companies have made us their long-term partner and trusted source. You are sure to get a well-organized team to serve you while choosing VQC.

We welcome the opportunity to share additional information about VQC and to discuss business opportunities.

  VQC Corporation
  VQC House, No. 6,Alley 6, Lane 152, Sec.1, Zhicheng Road Taipei City 111, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
  TEL : 886-2-28330136 FAX : 886-2-28322756 Email: